Timing for MK arrival

We are also off-site and want to be amongst the first people (without PPO ADR) to enter the park and queue for rope drop.

How early should we be at the tapstiles for a 9AM opening?
What should be my target time for TTC parking?
Resort monorail, correct?
Then we clear security.

How early do they admit people at main entrance?

Of course they could change all of this today…

They start letting people in shortly before 8am. People say 7.45 but that wasn’t our experience.

ETA I’ve just checked my pics and I’m lying, it was 7.50 as we passed Town Square Theatre. We arrived at about 7.10 to the gates by bus and were front of the queue.

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If you are driving and parking at the TTC, the sequence is:
Park at the TTC
Security screening at TTC
Board monorail or ferry
Go through tapstiles outside MK entrance
Wait for CMs to allow you to enter Main Street via the two tunnels under the train station.

The CMs allow you to enter Main Street about 7:45-8:00 for a stated 9:00 am opening.

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So then you walk down Main Street and get held at the hub? So stand at the hub 8:00-9:00?

Front of the queue outside the tapstiles or tunnels or elsewhere? Thank you.

We were behind 1 family at the tapstyles but at the front when we got to the tunnels. The pic I took there was at 7.21. And yes you just wait on Main St/in the hub until 9.

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Yes, everyone gets held at the hub - with a few exceptions. Those with early (PPO: Pre-park opening) breakfast reservations at CRT, BOG, or BBB are allowed to enter past the ropes. Any on-site hotel guests can go past the ropes on days with morning EMH. There are usually designated entry points/CMs with tablets to allow you past the ropes early. Also those who paid for EMM mornings.

You can spend that hour grabbing coffee at Starbucks, shopping, taking photos, and enjoying the ambience of Main Street.

Some people will hurry to be near the front of the wait after the tapstile to be among the first onto Main Street, and then hurry to the hub to be at the front of the ropes to whichever land they’re eager for.

ETA: “Let the Magic Begin” (the welcome show) takes place at the castle forecourt in the hub 5 minutes before the official stated opening time. If opening is at 9:00, it’s at 8:55.

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