Timing for frozen sing along? touring plans are not updating that yet. Thank for any info

thanks for the help!

I'm not sure what your question is...

what is the duration? and how long is the typical wait? Touringplans allow for adding it to the plan but the optimizing is not working

It is a 25m show- here is the TP page on it: http://touringplans.com/hollywood-studios/attractions/frozen-sing-along-celebration

As for wait... I don't know what standby wait is all reports show that it is easy to get fast pass or paper pass with set show and return times.

As for inputting... I did use this in my November TP and saw that it would be a decent use of tier 2 FP.

Hope that helps!

If you want to do standby I've heard later afternoon shows often have more room/easier to just walk up and in. Not sure if that'll stay true into the fall