Timing for booking accommodations

Does anyone know when Disney opens up dates for accommodations? My trip will be almost a year to the day from today. I strongly prefer the Contemporary, and the first day couple days will fall on the normally busy President’s Day weekend. That being the case, I want to book ASAP.

Problem is, Disney’s site right now isn’t offering booking for anything after Jan 1, 2021. Does someone have experience with advance booking as far as when they open up dates? Or am I just worrying too much?

If you want to book a room only reservation you can call now and book. Over the phone I believe it is that you can book 499 days away .

Will they let you do a package that way including park admission and DDP? If I understand DDP correctly, you are required to select it at the same time as you book the room or else it is no longer an available option. If you book room only, will it cost you more to add park admission later?

You cannot book a 2021 dining package at this time since the cost would not be set. You can add it later and make it a “ticketless package”. If you add dining later it might increase the room charges if they have increased. You can always buy discounted tickets separately.

I’ve also read 499 days out, but I think that has to be over the phone and the prices might not be definite. I’ve not tried this early so this is only something I read somewhere.