Timing for arrival at EMH and RD

I’ve never used EMH at MK before (we’ve always done PPOs at BOG to get in early). So

  1. What time should we be at the MK tapstiles for 8am EMH? Based on the Touring Plans video, it looks like a half hour early was sufficient but that was for a 7am EMH and I’m assuming 8am is significantly more crowded.
  2. What time should we leave POR? Probably driving. Early is fine. My kids will be on central time and up well before dawn anyway.
  3. If we leave Fantasyland to RD Adventureland, what time should we plan to be headed in that direction?

#1 - 30 minutes before EMH sounds fine. If you really want to be at the front of the EMH crowd you can get there 45 minutes early.

#2 - It’ll take about 15 minutes to drive from POR to MK. Then factor in the time to take the ferry and go through security - about another 20 - 30 minutes depending on how long it takes the ferry to fill up for departure.

#3 - Adventureland is the least crowded RD spot. If you split MK down the middle the right half of the park has a disproportionate of popular / “E-Ticket” rides. That’s draws an overwhelming majority of ppl to that half of MK for RD. Personally, I’d watch the Welcome show “Let the Magic Begin” starting 5 minutes before RD and then stroll on over. If you don’t want to see the show go in that direction about 10 minutes before RD.

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Thanks! So if we leave POR by 6:30 we should be in good shape?

Any suggestions on timing for Epcot from POR and Animal Kingdom from Disney Springs? We have 8am PPO breakfasts at both on 9am days.

6:30am should get you there in a good place for RD.

All the parks are abut 15 minutes from POR. You won’t have to take the Ferry for EP / AK, which is where most of the time waiting is for MK RD arrival, so that’ll save you about 20 minutes.