Timing for A&E during MNSSHP

Hi all, if I'm trying to see Anna and Elsa (or even Snow White and the Evil Queen) during MNSSHP, what's the best strategy? Can you consider the 7 p.m. start of the party "rope drop"?, or better to get there a little earlier (I know you can enter MK at 4 p.m.?) Or is it better to go a little later? Has anybody had any experience with this?
I just spent a lot of time on the phone with a Disney rep who told me MNSSHP was probably my best and only bet for seeing the sisters!

So far reported times for A&E have been much lower than normal during the parties but the attendance has been pretty low so far in the season that may change. You can't really count 7pm as rope drop because you'll have a lot of early entry people plus the holdover crowd that were also in MK that day. Typically the lines will get shorter as the night wears on and people start to leave. During one of the parades might be a good time to catch a lower wait time.

I believe I read that the evil queen is only available for M&G when you attend the villains soiree party which is an additional charge on top of the party ticket. But since I haven't been myself I can't confirm that information.

Hope that helps...

The evil queen is only doing picture and autographs at the soirée.

The mix and mingle event is nothing more than a show right now. If you wish to see most of the villains you need the extra ticket event. At least that is what has been reported.

At last year's MVMCP we got in line for princesses at 6 pm, and we were not alone. That meant we were about #5 when they opened the m&g at 7 and got it over with to go on to the party. Last year for jack & sally and seven dwarves people lined up even earlier.

We lined up pretty early last year to see the 7d and we still had an half hour wait once the line started moving. I would say most lines start forming at 5:30.
I'm also interested in seeing a&e during the party. Thinking pretty late in the evening since it does really start to empty out.

Yeah, that's a great point, @felesh -- after the fireworks, and then by the second parade, the whole park is significantly emptier (and lots of fun!)

Thanks for the replies! I'd love for my 2 and 6 year old daughters to be awake to meet A&E but maybe they will be hyped up on enough sugar that they'll be up after the fireworks. smile A Disney rep told me that the Evil Queen and Maleficent should both be at Princess Fairytale Hall... in fact he suggested that the experience is better during MNSSHP because they are there. So maybe they will be at both the soiree and the hall? Not sure, but I"m going to give it a try. At least I got a Fastpass for the sing-a-long at HS! Excited about that.

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