Timing attractions

I am trying to time waits. For some reason, the timer won’t stop when I submit the wait. I had this same problem in the past. Any ideas?

iPhone or Android? Does this pop up?

Yes! iPhone. That is what I see and I click Submit Wait, right?

ETA: Just to elaborate, have been trying to time rides for Lines on this trip and my last trip. I have an iPhone8. When I enter the queue, I select the attraction from my plan and time the ride. I see the above screen. When I am about to board the ride, I tap the “Submit Time” button, but the timer keeps going. I don’t want to submit faulty times! Any advice?

Yes! Is that button not working? Is your app up to date and have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling

Sorry, I was editing my post while you were replying. I will try that.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app today and timer is working now. Thanks for the advice!

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