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After eating lunch at Tony’s we will have a VIP 3:00 Parade viewing, after the parade we will go straight to Hollywood Studios. We have 2 reservations at HV:a 4:50 and a 5:35, I was wanting to keep the 4:50, in hopes that we would be done with enough time to try to get a spot at Fantasic. The day in question is a level 5 day. Do you think it is possible after the parade to make it to HS in time for our 4:50 meal? We will also be using the bus service, not driving ourselves.

Thanks for the advise!!

You’ll make it there just fine. If you’re watching the parade from Main Street it should reach you by about 3:20; it will last about 15 minutes. You’ll be on your way by 3:45 giving you over an hour to get to HS (It shouldn’t take an hour).

What time is Fantasmic on your night in question? Even a 5:35 should allow you plenty of time to get to the show I would think.

My question has more to do with timing of the meals in relation to hunger. What time is your Tony’s meal? For us, a big lunch and then a big dinner would be too much at once.

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Tony’s is at 11:30. Fantasmic is at 7pm…in your experience how early do we have to be there to try to find a spot? Do you think with the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam show at roughly the same time we might luck out to easily find a spot even with the later time? (We originally liked the later time since lunch is a bigger meal)

Also, do you by chance know, if we are looking for a park hopping bus, not a bus back to our hotel are they located in the same area?


Yes, the buses are in the same area - just check the board to see which corral to approach to go from park to park. It will look like this:

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11:30 and 5 still close for our family but maybe not bad for yours :slight_smile: Everyone’s preferences are different.

For Fantasmic, we arrived maybe 15 minutes ahead and sat ?Simba section. I know there are people who will say you need to sit front and center for the show but we had great viewing from where we were, a little bit to the right of center.

That being said even a 5:35 gives you 2+hours to dine and still get to Fantasmic 20-25 mins ahead of the show.

I am not sure the impact the two shows running at essentially the same time has had on seating. CL5 you say?? I think you’re fine regardless

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Agree with all that @OBNurseNH said :slight_smile:

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