Times for FPPs

Hiya, Liners! As I’ve stated, I’m pretty out of the loop. As I’m understanding it, I can book three FPPs in advance for each day and then can book more at the in-park kiosks after using the initial three. Is that correct? What’s the best strategy for booking in advance? Book the initial three in the mornings so I can book more later in the day? TIA for any help!

That’s absolutely right! Strategies vary, especially by park. It is hard to get additional FPPs at HS and EP so a lot of us schedule those for midday/afternoon and don’t bother trying for many more. But at MK (and possibly AK) my recommendation is to book them early and go for more. Actually, we are doing AK without FPPs this time unless we pick some up as extras after our HS morning. We only used 2 FP under the legacy system last visit at AK, on a EMH day where we weren’t EMH eligible, so we don’t think we will miss them.

I favor the approach of making a PTP for the day and using the optimizer to determine the best FPP reservations - see Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

I don’t like the use FPP early and try to get more at the kiosks for two reasons. First, you are using valuable FPP reservations at times where they are not necessarly giving you that much of a time savings. Second, you are gambling that there will be FPP reservations available on the day that will be useful for you. However, my opinion on this may change now TouringPlans is tracking FPP availability and may soon be incorporating the additional FPP opportunities into the Optimizer logic.

I make FPP for the afternoon generally. Because I know I’ll be there early and can do things while others are stopping to take pics and look around. And because I usaully go someplace else for the night part after a dinner break. MK has so many more FPP options than anywhere else. The other parks have less so you need to make sure the FPP agree with your touring plan if you have one, or with the needs of your group.

I generally never use my FPs at EP and will only use them at AK if that is the only park I will be in for the day. I am a RD, break, PHing commando touring fool, so I will save mine for my 2nd park ( although not EP since I am usually in WS). I agree you have to create your plans and determine your priorities before you decide when to schedule them. I would never count on anything other than secondary, short wait times, attractions being available at a kiosk.

We went in June and used FPP. For the most part, I scheduled our FPP starting around 10:30 am for every park except EP. That gave us time to hit RD and ride as much as we could standby until crowds started picking up. We only stay in the parks until around 1:00 and then we break for a few hours in the afternoon. I like to visit EP at night, so on the evenings we PH’ed there, I did not schedule FPP in the am at the other park and made them for the evening at EP. It was very easy to get additional FPP at MK, as long as you weren’t looking for headliners. Not as easy for AK or DHS.