Timed entry return tickets for Diagon and Hogsmeade?

I’ve seen that at times either timed entry return tickets or controlled entry is in place for Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Are these methods of crowd control still used since the lands have been open awhile? We were at IOA less than a year after Hogsmeade opened and did not find this to be an issue although I did see warnings about it in the book. We will be there next week on a “7” crowd day at park opening (not early entry) - should we expect to have to use a return ticket to get into Diagon Alley? Wondering primarily because it appears that would really mess up a touring plan.

Its is still used but very rarely. Think it was implemented at xmas and new year for a short time between 11/3ish but it is very rare to need it outside this time and poss easter. You should be fine Enjoy x


The book is cautious. I don’t blame them. Rarely will you find tickets used now. You’ll be fine.

The book was written just before Diagon opened to the public. You don’t have to worry about return tickets unless you are there for Easter or Christmas.