Time zone issue in Lines app?

Is anyone else having an issue in the Lines app where the start time seems to be off? When I select my desired start time on the “wheel” and save my choice, the start time as shown in the plan is 1 hour earlier. Didn’t know if that’s because I am in central time zone and it is correcting for that? Asking because it is giving me wait times that seem long for right away in the morning (but more plausible if it is an hour later). Will try and post pics below:

Selection wheel vs. resulting start time (selected 8:45am, results in start time at 7:45am):

52 min wait for TSMM at 9:03am on a CL3? (This is after correcting for weird time difference, had to select start at 9:45am to get plan that begins at 8:45am - wait time seems more plausible if this is data for an actual 9:45am start)

iPhone? Check “time zone over ride” in you settings. It should be on, otherwise your phone automatically changes everything to your current time zone.

There is another seemingly time-zone related bug in TP that @len previously said they haven’t been able to track down. I’m wondering if this is somehow related.

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Yeah, I think it’s the app. Close it and re-start it and see if it keeps happening, please. Thank you.

Closed and restarted app, also tried restarting my phone. Still does this.

I can live with it if I know what to pick to get correct output - I gather that I should pick the time in EST on the selection wheel, and then all the other times will display in my own time zone but the data will pull from EST times so I should just read it in my head as +1 hour.