Time travelling between Railroad stations


On my touring plan for Magic Kingdom, I have entered the Railroad Stations as a option to travel around the park. I will try and attach a copy of the plan. Does Touring Plans count this time as ‘walking time’ between the two railroads, or is it actually the length of time spend on the train?


I am attempting to do half the side of MK one day, and half another day.

This is the other half but, as you will see, I need to visit Buzz and People Mover on this day as I didn’t get time to visit these on my plan for the first day. This is why I am using the train… so that we can have a bit of relaxation and look at the park while we head around the other side.

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It looks like the touring plan is counting things twice because you list both the start and end stations as steps in your plan. Just list the starting ones. Each time you list a railroad station as a step, it shows a 20 minute duration to ride it to the next station. Odd thing is, the railroad steps also give walking time to the next item as if you did not ride the railroad, and only looked at it. @len, is there a way to fix that double time consumption thing, maybe have a step of riding it vs a step of only looking at it? Of course, if the step stays as it is (with a big walk time) just count it as a chance to get ahead of your plan times!

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That’s the walking time between stations. The ride time is the time spent on the train.

This is an interesting scenario. You’re taking the train from Main Street to Frontierland? It’s almost certainly faster to walk, which is why I ask.

@len, is there a way to not have the various railroad stations consume time in both riding and walking? Maybe a check box for the attraction to choose walk vs ride, similar to the check box for baby swap. I hope you understand the point I’m trying to make. It’s not an attraction that has the exit in the same area as the entrance

I like to ride the train, as an attraction, later in the day. It’s just a nice way to take a break and see things from a different view. Often I just ride from Frontierland to Fanstasyland.

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So, what you want to do is get to MK at 8:00, see Mickey and Tink, then Main Street Vehicles before taking the train to Frontierland. Then you’ll ride Pirates and see Tom Sawyer Island before having your Dole Whip. After that you want to to the riverboat, then Splash Mountain before taking the train to Fantasyland. You’ll then head to Buzz and Tomorrowland Transit Authority and hope to be done by a little after noon?

I totally understand the appeal of riding the train as an attraction in its own right… my niece loves it, even on the parts where there’s nothing at all to see, so we end up riding the first two legs at least once on every trip, whether it makes sense in a time-management way or not.


We use train to save legs and get a little rest break between stations too.

The reason that it’s counting so much walking time is that it thinks you’re riding the train all the way around every time… so it thinks you’re getting on the train at the front and riding it all the way around, then walking to the Frontierland station and getting on there and riding all the way around. That’s just the way it’s set in the system.

The way I’d work it into my plan is to put it in manually (as a break, rather than as an attraction). For instance, in your plan I’d drop the WDW railroad attractions and enter in a break that is approximately 15 minutes long after you see Mickey, Tink, and the vehicles. Then put in everything on the left side of the park that you plan on doing, then add a break of approximately 15 minutes before putting in Buzz and Tomorrowland Transit Authority.


I just tried that out, and it has you finishing at around 1:15.

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This is the same problem with friendship boats at epcot. I wish for trains and boats it’d give you the option of a start location and an end location, similar the train at AK. I ended up just leaving that off of mine and making a note that I’d do that, and let it calculate my time as though I were walking.

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Thank you all for the replies. Very helpful.

I have taken out the station steps and added them in as 15 minute breaks instead.

Does this look ‘better’? I will not be doing any FP here as I am hopping over to AK in the evening and will probably need them for there. Disney and Universal Touring Plans