Time to go from airport to BOG for lunch?

If our flight arrives at 10a and I was thinking about 2:00 BOG reservations or CRT, is that possible? Will be taking WDW transport and staying at AkA. Just thinking of doing leisurely MK day with fireworks then back to AoA.

Last years trip our plane landed at 10:45 AM, we arrived at the Boardwalk Resort, went to our room (which was quite far from the lobby, we had received our room number via a text message so didn’t need to check-in) then got lost in the building trying to find our way out! All of this to say we walked to Epcot and were in the park at 12 o’clock! I think 2:00 PM is totally doable even if you need to use WDW transportation to get to your park destination.

it can be done. Things need to align - but assuming everything goes somewhat to plan - you should be ok

I think BOG is safer. If you are a little late I think you would still be able to get in.

Thanks, want to start the Magic as soon as possible!

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