Time to get thru security?

So for those staying offsite and needing to park and go thru security and temp check, how long does it take from arrival at car park to arrival at park? Trying to figure out how early to get there w ppl who like to sleep in. Would ideally like to be at park entrance at 8:30.

We’ve been there when parks open, get through parking gate, park, temp check and security in 20 min. It’s longer for MK since there is a boat or monorail :monorail: leg. That’s been consistent at all parks over the past few months.

TP just updated this page which has good arrival time recommendations.

"It takes approximately 10–15 minutes to walk from the parking garage to the parks’ entrance turnstiles"

The security hub check goes very quickly, even with a lot of people. Only takes a minute or so.

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If you’re not stopping at Voodoo or Starbucks aim to be at the parking garage toll booth 15 minutes prior to when you wish to be at the park entrance. So if you want to be at the entrance at 830 aim to be at the toll booth by 815.