Time to get serious

I started packing over a week ago throwing odds and ends in the suitcases. Packing myself and two kids …hubby does his on last minute 🤦 I have been busy all week, but today I am home and it’s crunch time. We leave early Sunday morning!!! As my husband says, “leaving on a jet plane…:airplane:” Anyway it’s both exciting and nerves wracking that I am not as prepared as I planned to be at this point. I still have to get the gift cards the kids use for souvenirs and clean the house too. Then later today the kids are starting their make up homework. I need some good Disney vibes. It’s almost here!!!


Wow so exciting! But I know the lead up is stressful. What helps me is to think about the end of this stressful time. Sunday morning you will be relaxed and flying to Disney!!

Also make a list of everything you need to do or want to make sure you don’t forget. I just leave it on my counter and cross off as I go. Makes me feel less stressed.

Good luck!

I am a big list maker and I have been crossing off things. Been watching the weather and it’s been bouncing around. Coming from PA we deal with cold, but a friend who is leaving today to go down said she’s packing hats and gloves for the evening. That never occurred to me. I don’t think we own light weight gloves…we need more than that in winter here. So now I am debating on going to the store. Again.


Dollar tree gloves.


I understand b/c I am not at all where I needed to be at this point. But, once you get there it will all be worth it. :slight_smile:

The worst is the last minute store runs! CVS around me usually carries gloves- does yours?

We have a dollar general and I will be close to it when getting the gift cards.



Love hearing how different other families are. We are completely opposite. My dw refuses to prepack… I pack up in no time days In advance… Usually get the kids going as well… She ALWAYS waits until the last night and final touches morning of… sigh… It works though, we always manage to get out the door.

Have fun.

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John Denver or Peter, Paul and Mary version? :wink:

My motto when traveling is that there is nothing a cell phone and a credit card can’t handle.

If you forget something, don’t let it trouble you. Mistakes will be made. As planners, we hold ourselves up to some high standards, which does pay off- but nothing’s perfect.

Think about where you were a few months ago, and you’ll realize that you’ve done the really important things right, and the little things will fall into place. It’s going to be great!

My caveat to this (I used to always say this to) is cruise ship traveling. The gift shops have meager meager selections and it’s not like port towns have Walmarts and Kohl’s for kids clothes and undergarments, etc. And there are time restrictions and safety concerns with the idea of shopping too far from port…

On land and especially stateside, I concur 100%!

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Another exception, that is similar, is backpacking. You can’t buy anything at all, and the cell phone usually won’t work either! But I don’t worry about packing for that, DH does.

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