Time to get back to resort after fireworks shows

This might seem like a strange question! We are staying at the Art of Animation in September this year. With the EEMH hours at the parks, we are conscious of the need to get rest where possible between days! How long does it usually take to use the shuttle buses from Walt Disneyworld parks once the fireworks shows are over? It is our first time visiting so we have no idea! I was thinking there wold be lots of people trying to head back to their resort rooms as soon as the fireworks shows are over.

Last November, when leaving after the fireworks at the end of MVMCP, we had to wait through 4 buses before we were able to board one to AKL. Felt like forever between buses. I don’t remember time, but I remember we got back to our room much later than I anticipated.

If you want to stay for fireworks and expect to get up early the next day, I would seriously consider taking Uber or Lyft back to your resort it’s reasonable and fast.

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Uber or Lyft can be a good option but from MK you will need to walk to the CR . There are usually a lot of people doing that so you should order your ride as you are walking.

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Thanks for the advice. So getting a shuttle back to the resort will take just take way too long at the end of the night. Is it better to stay in the park and shop for a little before trying to get a bus? I think I remember reading somewhere that the shops stay open after the rides shut down.

Yes, that would be a good strategy.

Yes, the shops will be open for 1 hour. Also remember that you can take Pop Century buses and then walk across the lake. This strategy might not be helpful after fireworks though, because there will be plenty of people trying to get back to that resort as well.

When we have stayed at Pop, it seemed that the AoA busses came much quicker, had shorter lines, and were less crowded. Two out of three times, we would hop on the AoA bus and then walk to Pop.

I would say that taking the resort bus from MK to AoA at the end of the night would take about 45 minutes - 1 hour. That would be from the park to walking into your room.

From AK, EP and HS, it’s probably closer to 30 - 45 minutes.

If you decide to Uber from the Contemporary, it’s about a 10 minute walk from the exit of MK to the pick up area at CR. From there though, it’s only about 10 - 15 minutes to AoA depending on traffic. Big time saver.

Big time saver if you can get an Uber or Lyft. I have waited over 40 minutes for a driver.

Thanks for the information guys. Sounds like I should factor an hour for MK and a little less for the other parks. Just out of curiosity, why are the other resorts quicker to get back from? Less crowds or just distance to my resort? Also for those who do shop at the end of the night, does this make travel an easier process using the shuttle buses to resorts?