Time to eat lunch before MNSSHP - 11:50am or 2:15pm?

What would you suggest for lunch before MNSSHP? My current options are 11:50am at 'Ohana and 2:15pm at Kona. Would you choose one of these options or something else entirely? I was thinking a late lunch at 2:15pm would work well, and we could head to MK after we eat (and perhaps shop). But 'Ohana would have Lilo and Stitch! I am having more difficulty deciding than I thought I would.

I personally think the 2:15 is a better time. Also the breakfast may not be very satisfying as it is mostly carbs.

We did that breakfast for a second time two weeks ago and had a great time. Being a character breakfast it is expensive if you are not on a plan. We did BOG at 4:20 before the MNSSHP this year. I would try for something around 3 if we do it again.

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I’d go with the later lunch, too so you could just munch at the party :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I agree with the later time. I’m having a hard time giving up 'Ohana, but perhaps it’s meant for a different trip.

Later lunch. this will make it so snacks are okay to get you through the party over eating a neal and using up party time.

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If you have a Disney Visa Kona is one of the 10% off restaurants if you pay with the card. I did not realize this but saw it in the mailer today

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Continue looking for a later Ohana time with the reservation finder. One is likely to become available because people always cancel.

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2:15 Would want to arrive at 4pm as full as possible, have all the fun, and snack my head off.


I have an AP this trip, but I wish I had known about the Disney Visa discount for the last one! I’ll have to remember this.

'Ohana is closed between noon and 3:30pm. Would I feel rushed to try to eat quickly and get to the party? The high-strung planner in me thinks I would. Maybe I should look for an 'Ohana breakfast on our departure day. We don’t leave until the evening.

Secretly I am thinking pumpkin cheesecake and haunted mansion desserts count as dinner food. So I like this idea.

I forgot that they were closed during lunch. I’d get to the party at 4 and make plans to eat beforehand…which would probably involve no Ohana. Scratch my last suggestion.

Everyone is different but I think it is smart to try and get to the park for 4pm. If you are a planner you will feel rushed. I wad stressed at BOG.

And pumpkin waffles!!

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