Time to do Animal Kingdom


We are a family of 4, (Me, Hubby, and 2 teen girls 15 & 17).

How much time do you think it takes to effectively do Animal Kingdom.

Many people say it is a half day park, others say to give it a full day, others say 2 full days.

We want to experience what the park has to offer, so I have set aside a day with a touring plan that we start at EMH 8am, and leave at about 3pm. This is on a crowd level 5 day (if that makes any difference)

The other time I have set aside for visiting it is after a day at MK, where I have opted to catch transport from MK to AK, finishing at MK approx 2.30pm, start touring AK at approx 3.30pm until 7.30pm. This is a CL4 day.

This would give us the benefit of a morning visit one day, and an evening visit another day., giving a total of about 12 hours over the 2 days. Is this enough time?
I am not keen on doing parks all day long from early in the morning, until last thing in the evening. I am sure I need a break in the middle of the day… which is why most of my touring days I have split plans that include midday breaks.

We are not necessarily interested in the Jungle Show in the evening… But may opt to go somewhere for dinner (at AK) after such a busy day between MK and AK. Hoping I have the energy for all of this :slight_smile: Does it sound reasonable?

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I think if hours change and AK is open at night that would be my priority. I like your two day plan. That will give you the opportunity to see the trails and Safari during the day and then returning another time to hopefully see the sunset safari and the tree projections (as well as Everest in the dark).


I just wanted to add that with AK, if you’re interested in Everest, be sure to try the single riders line. My teen and I rode that ride, during peak times, maybe 3 or 4 times in a row? The wait was less that 10 minutes a go… getting off the ride, going around, getting through the cue and waiting the 10 or so minutes to be paired with someone.

It was FUN… and the DH got to check his email, so it was win-win family time mixed with responsibility.

Have fun!!:sparkling_heart:


Yes, thank you. I will definitely keep this in mind. Great way to get more out of our time there. :slight_smile:

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I’d just do a personalized plan w/ all the stuff I want to do and add an hour or two. I think it’s still
a half day park

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Definitely NOT a half day park. We have spent, now three full days (pre-RD breakfast to close) and we still haven’t seen all/done all (though we are awfully close now!)

It is an amazing place - go and take your time and take it all in!

I’ve been wondering how much time to spend here too. This is not my favorite park. The last time we went as a family we just had lunch and did 4 attractions and left. On our trip this coming October my husband wants to experience more. Still not planing to experience everything because a lot at this park still doesn’t appeal to me. I wanted to spend the rest of the day at Disney Springs.