Time to complete SDD and Toy Story Mania at RD

Anybody have any idea of how long it would take to do SDD and Toy Story Mania at RD without fast passes if we get to HS at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before park opening?

I think a lot will depend on when you are going and if the RotR boarding groups are still around at that time. Due to the boarding group process, HS has been very crowded first thing in the morning somewhat limiting the effectiveness of the rope dropping strategy.

Have you tried putting a TP together for this? Enter a 5 minute Meal break at “Woody’s Lunchbox” as the first step to show where you’ll be at RD.

Also, you can wake up one morning at watching the queue waits on the MDE. You can usually knock about 15% off the Posted Wait Time.

Time of year / crowd level and park opening will matter here but we showed up at HS 45 min before a 7:00 opening 10 days ago (midweek so supposedly lower crowds CL 5 I think, though ROTR BGs still went in 1 minute) and I was pleasantly surprised that the vast majority of the large crowd ahead of us headed to RD MFSR and we had about 150-200 people ahead of us for TSL which translated to no more than a 10 minute wait for SDD. I believe TSMM was quoting about a 30 min wait once we exited SDD but not sure as we then jumped straight to ASS (10 min wait) as we had a FP for TSMM a bit later that morning.
I would guess with a ~30 min wait for TSMM you might be looking at just under an hour total to do both rides. But if TSMM looks bad, you should have success getting it as a same day FP - we did several times on our HS days.

I wish this would actually work. You are correct though, and I realize it’s the best option we have to estimate RD waits.

I’ve RD’d FOP, SDD, TT/Soarin’ multiple times so I know the drill. On a day last Oct, CL 5-7 range, we arrived 45 minutes early, walked with purpose, lost one party member to an unfortunate incident with a stroller, but made it to RD SDD. We were off by 910 (think they let us in only a few minutes before 9) and off ASS in another 10. When I put SDD at RD for my next trip, it gives me a 53 minute wait at 9:02 after a 1 minute meal at Woody’s. I can guesstimate based on past experiences, but it sure would be nice to have a specific RD entry in the TP.

I’m interested in this too. But I have the added x-factor that my day RDing SDD will be on March 13th…so it will be hard to know just how much MMRR’s opening changes the size of the crowd going to TSL.

Agreed. This is why I also suggested waking up on days before your trip and actually watching the RD posted wait times on MDE and looking at the Lines app for “live” queue waits from other TP users.

I like to find days of the week with a predicted CL the same as my travel dates and watch in real time from home. You can collect a lot of your own data and it has really helped me get a better idea of RD of rides. (Except for DHS - which is a mess right now!) :crazy_face:

Where do you see RD reports? I’ve looked and see 90 minutes or whatever directly after RD time (within a couple of minutes). Are they liner reports or Disney report?

That’s what we mean. Check live on the app. The problem is sometimes the park opens early so that’s why the waits are so high at official opening.

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FYI – In the TP “Lines” app you can report the actual wait times you’ve experienced in the parks in real time. I enjoy doing it as a way to kill time when I get in a queue and see what’s really going on in the park. To do so, when you open the Lines App the Home page will have a “Reported Wait Times” option.


From there you’ll see where TP users in the park can input the “Posted” times outside of queues and then what they’ve actually experienced.

Wow–I never knew that was there. I’m a long-time user, aka addict, too. I’ve even posted wait times (apparently 27 times according to my stats) while in the parks and never knew they were listed in a stream like that. I just thought they went into some database to give the posted/expected times on the Lines park page! Thanks for the info!!

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If it helps, I’ve been using TP since 2012 and only discovered the forums less than a year ago!

I love TP, but there interfaces here and on Lines App aren’t as user friendly as they could be. There’s a lot of options available that many ppl don’t realize. I only found out about the TP FPP availability feature & reservation finder by posting here.