Time to call MDE help desk

The reservation I made through MVT has only given me 2 park tickets and one magic band despite 3 people being on our reservation. My travel agent said it’s a known glitch and I’ll have to call the MDE help desk. Which I did this afternoon, expect there was at least a 30 minute hold time. Sorry, I can’t wait on hold that long today. Any suggestions about time of day that would have less of a wait? Has it broken down again and that’s why there is such a long wait?
Sigh, glad it’s 5 months before our trip and not FPP day that this is happening.

I am thinking your agent should handle this issue for you.


I love my MVT agent but any IT issues she says have to be worked directly between me and Disney.

Have you tried the online chat? I’ve called before and had a long wait but found someone quickly online. Had the opposite be true occasionally as well. Crapshoot but maybe try out both?


I need to call them, too. I seem to have two MDE profiles – “Me T. Myself”, and “Ms. Me Myself.” Our hotel reservation, my magic band and fastpasses, and our Beaches & Cream reservation are “Ms. Me Myself” but all the other ADRs are Me T. Myself. I’m hoping they can merge the accounts without erasing anything but I am scared to try!

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I’ll try that on Thursday. Had to hang up today when another call I’d been waiting for came through.

Try calling at 7 am Eastern. I had an issue and called one of the main numbers late in the evening but was told I needed to speak to MDE. She told me that they are short staffed and if she transferred me I would most likely wait on hold. She suggested I call first thing in the morning at 7 am Eastern.

The next day, I got up at 5;45 am Central (6:45 am Eastern), dialed the number right at 7 am Eastern and the phone was immediately answered by an MDE CM without having to wait on hold. Although it took 35 minutes to fix my issues, he was very helpful and fixed my issues.