Time to allow for TH Dinner

I’m trying to pick the best of my dinner ADR’s. Going Jan 27, CL 3, park closes at 7:00 and I want to make sure we see Tree of Life Awakenings. Sunset at 6:01.

I have 5:30 - seems like that might be cutting it close. What are the chances we miss TOL? There’s currently a 4:40 ADR available and I can’t decide whether to snag it. That’s quite early for us to eat, but it does fit into my touring plan OK.

ETA I also have 6:45 booked but that’s pretty late for us, and I worry the restaurant will be backed up by then and we’ll have a long wait to be seated. Thoughts?

As long as you get in on time you should be alright, but the later reservation would be safer.

Thanks. I would hate to miss it if they’re running behind on seating people. I guess we’ll eat early.

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Use the reservation finder!!! I used it for 3 hard to get reservations and got all three. It took a couple of days, just be patient and as soon as you get the text get online.
BTW My family will be there the same date. Jan. 24-29

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Thanks. I’ve used it successfully with a couple of other meals too! It’s great.

Since there are ADR’s available a little earlier than I want, and a little later than I want, the res finder doesn’t work. It “finds” tables for me but I am trying to book such a specific time! Blah.