Time to Allow for MK Parades

For parades like FoF and Move It Shake It,

  • how much time should you allow for finding a decent spot?
  • Best location to view these?
  • Do they run from castle down main street?


If you want that iconic, has to be Disney view of a parade in front of the castle or on Main Street, you could be camping out a while especially during a peak season. I was there in early December and even then those prime spots went early. If you don’t care where you see it, I find that watching the parade just as it starts in Frontierland to be a good place to view without having to line up 60-90 minutes early.


During MVMCP, DH and I showed up to the hub late but we still got a prime spot. How, you ask? By hanging around in the walkways. They will eventually shut down the walkway and you can fill in that space but you’ve gotta be quick to get those front row seats by the rope. It worked wonders for us because we were in Tomorrowland and just walked up while everyone else was already seated. We loitered for about 10 minutes and then were allowed to fill in.


For FoF on a busy day, we saw it from Frontierland where the parade starts. We arrived ~30 min early and there were still plenty of front row spots. Frontierland has the advance of being at the beginning of the parade, so you’ve seen the whole thing and can move on by the time the parade is getting to the end of Main Street, where people have been waiting for much longer.


On our trip last April, I just happened on a great spot to view parades. My son had fallen asleep in his stroller and my wife and mother-in-law were shopping in the Emporium. I looked for a bench to have a seat and found that last minute you’ll get an amazing view of the parade right up front with little to zero time ahead of it’s start if you head down by the firehouse, which is where the parade ends.

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