Time spent in line after your Boarding Group has been called

I have not been to WDW since Virtual Queues and was hoping that someone could answer a quick question about GotG
Once your boarding group has been called, what is a typical amount of time spent in the line up?
And is the wait shorter if you go at the beginning or end of your window?

20-40 mins on average
Often the longer end of things the later in the day you go
Doesn’t matter when you enter it within your window - you can go as late as you like after it’s been called.


Some data points on extremes: during Xmas week, reports were that VQ could be up to an hour during the day.

To add to what OBNurse said: if you’re lucky enough to get a very early BG and get called during EE, VQ can be a walk on. During Xmas week we had BG18, arrived at 8:40am, and walked straight to preshow.


If I remember correctly, last week @Dreamer and I waited just over an hour in line on Friday night. It was right after my BG was called (hers was called much earlier in the day). However, the ride has been offline for a couple of hours, so that queue was stacking up as everyone tried to get their ride in before park close.
On Sunday morning, I got an early BG and went right as it was called. I waited only the time it took to walk the entire queue.

Last Sunday morning at 10am GotG took us just about an hour, start to finish.


That’s a long time for being so early :scream:


Not really.

If that was just queue time, yes.

But start to finish that’s not that bad.

Estimate wait of 40 mins
First preshow = 2.5min
Second preshow = 3.25 min
Add in transition time between preshows
Add in walk time from second preshow to pre-ride queue
Add boarding time
Ride is 4 mins
Add disembarking time

I think you could easily get to an hour

Now ILL$ is much faster as you just go right to preshow 1

Just checked my own pics for reference.
Joined queue at 1335
Exited ride at 1420

On this particular ride the pre-show queue portion was very short


The line was about the same as I have been in later in the day on other visits. At 1:00 the VQ line was almost to the entrance.

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That’s still long for 10am. I know it’s spring break crowds but I assume the number of BGs issued is the same. In July we entered the line at 10.31, rode, queued outside for photopass pics, and were at Mission Space at 11.09.

Wait, that might have been an ILL. We rode twice that day and I only have pics for the first time.