Time it takes to get from Poly to Yachtsman

Can anyone give me information on the time it may take to get from the Polynesian Resort to The Yachtsman Steakhouse? We will be staying at the Poly in September and I was thinking of making a reservation at Yachtsman for the night we arrive. We have yet to dine at this restaurant but I really want to. So I was hoping you all could just help me out with the travel time. I know how long they say to allow, and this is not my first trip. But it will be my first time staying at the Polynesian and first time dining at Yachtsman!!! I should also note that we will be using Disney transportation. TIA

Short of an Uber, you have two choices: walk to TTC from Poly for the Epcot monorail, go in main entrance & walk out international gateway to Yacht Club - I’d guess that’s an hour’ish although it likely depends on how quickly you catch the monorail; or boat/resort monorail to MK and then grab the Yacht Club bus from MK - I’d guess that’s quicker - 40 minute range? Highly variable on waiting for when your modes of transportation arrive though. I think the second choice is likely the wiser one as it’s less walking. It also doesn’t use a park admission to cut through Epcot which depending on your tix could matter…

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Thank you. I was thinking the MK bus would be our best bet but wasn’t sure. Also still wasn’t sure on time. An hour either way isn’t bad. Thank you

I think I would take the bus from Poly to HS and then walk.

For ADR timing,I would allow at least an hour, no matter which option you decide to use. If I was going to do that, I’d take the mono to MK and the bus to YC…

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