Time BOG lunch fast pass opens

Good morning! What time are you able to book BOG lunch? Is it at midnight or closer to
6? Thanks!!

Following. JUST a guess but I'd suppose 6am since that's when ADR's open. Midnight is for attractions. Not sure if BOG lunch is treated like other ADR's with the 180 (+10) since it's an "invite only" (yes quotes) type of thing. Don't know for sure. But, following for the wisdom of others.

Hi Sam,
I posted the same question on Liners and someone responded that it didn't work at midnight for them but it did at 3:30. I was wondering because when I check every morning around 6, only super early and super late is available. I plan on getting up early to reserve.

Thanks for the follow-up! Plan B could be to get to lunch early. Think it opens at 10:30?

Yes, I think so. U will get that time. It has been there every am. Have fun!!

Does anyone know what time BOG lunch ends and dinner begins??

2:30 and 4 I think

Thank you!!