Time between fastpasses

My travel agent says there needs to be 60 minutes between each Fastpass. Sounds a bit odd, is this the case? I don’t remember hearing this rule before.

Your agent is counting from the start of the fastpass. Each fastpass covers a one hour window, so if (for example) you book a 9:15 AM 7DMT fastpass, it is listed in the system as 9:15-10:15. Your next fastpass can be for the 10:15-11:15 window, and your next for 11:15-12:15.

The real trick is that as soon as you tap in for your 10:15 Fastpass, you can modify that 11:15 fastpass to as soon as you’d like if something is available for your rides :slight_smile:


Well there has to be 60 minutes between their start times as they use an hour window. But you don’t need 60 minutes between each window. I like to line mine up like 9-10, 10-11, 11-12… with no time in between!


Smart! How do you do it for the Halloween Party when entering at 4:00? You only get two fastpasses until you modify?

Try booking for 4, 5, and 6 perhaps? Once you tap in for the 5pm pass, modify (or book a new fast pass, if you didn’t book a 6) your 6pm fast pass

On party nights when MK closes at 6, but you can enter at 4, get FPP for 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30. That lets you have 3. I believe all FPP end at 6 when the park closes to day guests.


Good advice. On the Halloween Party days, how long does it take to get past the nice special entrance with the photo ops and nice decorations to get to your first fast pass?

Would be good if Touring plans had an alert to tell you your fastpasses need an hour between each fastpass. I guess it is not possible since different members of your party may reserve different ones.

I don’t know about that, we had AP when we went and were already in the park. But your 3:30 FPP will be good until 4:45 with the extra 15 minutes grace period after the official 4:30 end.

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Just an FYI since it caught me unawares on FP booking day. For “scheduled shows” like Indiana Jones, the FP is only for a 15 minute window but you can’t schedule another advance FP until after the show ends.

11:30-11:45 FP
12:00-12:30 Show

Cannot book next FP until 12:30. Probably not as relevant with the tier structure changes at HS making show FP less of a thing, but another piece of data to have.