Time allotted in TP for park hopping?

I am refining my TPs for my trip in June. We will be park hopping during our stay. We plan to use the Disney transportation system.

I have first day, MK in the morning then heading straight to AK from MK. How much time should I put for this in my TP?

Similarly, on the second day we are starting at HS and then heading back to POP for an afternoon break, then headed to EPCOT for the evening. How much time from HS to POP then POP to EP? Will this eat too much time? Should we just head straight to EPcot since EP and HS are so close together? I am worried we will be zapped if we plan for too much. Possibly there is a good place to rest between the 2 parks?

On our third and last day, we are starting at AK then afternoon break at POP then heading to Poly area for dinner/fireworks then MK for LMH. So how long from AK to POP and POP to Poly? I already know MK is about 10 mins on monorail from Poly. Thank you

We plan to use the Disney transportation system, but will lyft be a better choice for any of these?

TL;DR need amount of times to travel between parks for TP:

  1. MK to AK
  2. HS to Pop
  3. Pop to Epcot
  4. AK to Pop
  5. Pop to Poly

On pages 498 - 499 of The Unnoficial Guide to Walt Disney World, it lists all the times from a resort to a park. Here is the information they give. Times are in minutes. the () are the worst case they list

1 - Not sure - but it is a direct bus from MK to AK

2 - Car - 20 (24). Disney system - 18 (28)

3 - Car - 23 (28). Disney system - 23 (30)

4 - Car - 14 (16) Disney system - 23 (29)

5 Not listed but might want to go to MK, then to Poly The time Pop to MK
Car 40 (51). Disney System 26 (32) Than add the 10 minutes or so from MK to Poly.

I would suggest going from Pop to Poly to use the Lyft.

Also any times listed as car would be close to the times for Lyft.

Hope this helps

I always figure at least an hour to get wherever I’m going in WDW. This then gives you time to actually travel, but also wait for transportation.

Good idea thanks

Thank you, very helpful

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