Time advice for RD

Ok, we are 12 days out from our trip. EEK! We are trying to hit RD mostly every day, and will leave parks around noon, possibly to return if we feel like it in the evenings.

With that in mind, and knowing we are staying at AKL Jambo House, what time would you recommend we make it to the bus stop each morning.

AK: CL 8, Park Open 9am
Epcot: CL 5, pre-RD ADR at GG at 8:05
MK: CL7, Park Open 8am
HS: CL6, EMH 8am

We do have a couple other days sprinkled in with late starts, or the same starts as these, but those should cover the basics. Would 1 hour before RD be enough? Should I plan even earlier?


For 8am I go to bus stop about 6:45-7am
For 9am bus stop by 7:45am