Tight reservations between Peter Pan FastPass and Be Our Guest

Hi - I just have a logistical issue that I would love to have feedback on to be sure we’re not in too difficult a spot while at the Magic Kingdom later this month. I made reservations at Be Our Guest back in November for 11:35 with a plan to fit in 3 FastPass reservations beforehand at 9, 10, and 11. So when I got into FastPass in March (midnight as soon as I was eligible), I ended up with the last one being at 11:25 (Peter Pan). And of course there were no reservations left at BOG so I couldn’t move that.

The question - how early can I get to Peter Pan and how late can I get to our lunch reservation without running into trouble? Any strategies to make the most of this very tight timeline? Thanks!

Most days you can use your FP 5 minutes early. I think you will be fine if you are a few minutes late for BOG. It is a short walk.



I think the same about probably being ok 5 minutes late to BOG. Can you perhaps move your PP FP later?

i wouldn’t be worried if you are late to BOG - they will honor it especially if there was an unexpectedly long wait at PP. They are expecting us to jump through hoops - they can be a bit flexible as well. PRE-ORDER for BOG. I was so annoyed that we had to wait 30+ minutes to order when we went.

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With FPP, the line is short. The ride is short. The walk between the two is short. You’re good. No stress required.

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Thanks everyone! We had no trouble using our Peter Pan FPP reservation 10 minutes early and arrived at BOG at 11:30 - 5 minutes ahead of schedule. It went like clockwork!
And THANK YOU to davidtyost for the tip - we preordered at BOG and went right in with no one in front of us and were served quickly. There was a huge mob of people who had reservations and hadn’t pre-ordered - I can see how that would easily add 30 minutes or more. DEFINITELY PRE-ORDER! It is a breeze :grinning: