Tiffins what happened to the short rib?

We have reservations at tiffins in November and have been so excited to try the Waygu beef with short ribs I keep reading about. However, today I looked up the menu when I re checked the ROL availability only to find they changed it to Waygu beef with brisket! Has anyone had this? How is it compared to short ribs

You will find that signature menus always change. I always just wait until I arrive to look at them. I think it may have been brisket in February? It is always very good.

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It still said short ribs on the menu in July when we ordered it. However, when it arrived at the table all that was on the plate was the sliced strip. I was so tired that it didn’t register that it was missing until later on after we left the restaurant. The steak was amazing, though. It was my favorite out of the seven or so ones we ordered while at WDW.