Tiffins timing questions

OK, so y’all have convinced me to give Tiffins a shot on my trip in August.

I’m curious if this is one of those places that runs behind with the ADRs and if so how long are you usually waiting beyond your time? Also how long does a typical meal take there?

I’ve got it for 6:30 on a day the park is closing at 8. I am one who loves to get in line for Flight of Passage just before closing and walk out through Pandora at night. Would that timing likely work or be pushing it? There was a 5:10 showing on my planned day if that would be better.


5:10 would be better in my experience.


Great! Thanks!

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Thinking about it I have never waited more than 10-15 minutes to be seated but I think they pace the meal to be a little longer.


We apparently ate somewhere else. Our server seemed put off about something. He took our beverage orders, brought them, took food orders and disappeared.

We did not see him until we were past thinking about dessert. DH’s water glass remained empty his entire meal. The kid, who normally has a social concious the size of a galaxy, tipped 10%.

We did have a great view and found several dragons in the wood carvings. We did not have a long wait to be seated.

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I would do the 5:10 one. Our meals there have taken about two hours.


Thanks all! 5:10 it shall be!


I concur

We had an early 5 pm ADR.

The kid just missed getting on EE one last time. But that’s across the park. Tho the kid walks at near light speed. We just agree where to meet.

I will say this day wasn’t as synchronous as other days. We just kept missing the boat, figuratively and literally.

I’m hoping to read a good review


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