Tiffins/Nomad menu

We eat at Tiffins every trip to WDW, with or without kids. It DH and I favorite resturant. When taking kids we have always found stuff to get that they would enjoy and the servers are always more than accomodating for the kids. With the limited menu it may be a difficult task for DD11. She is super picky eater and seems to get worse with age…she loves churros though. They have it on Nomads menu…think we can get something off nomad menu while eating at tiffins? I would toally get her 2 serving of churros and call it dinner.


I respect your parenting style.


Right?! Disney rules. All’s fair in love an keeping our sanity.

No judgement here.

Also, it sounds like a reasonable request. I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Have DH run to go grab some and bring it over, from Nomad’s or a nearby cart even if they won’t get it themselves.

I can’t imagine they’d ask you to leave if you do. You aren’t the first craving a decent meal with picky eaters at WDW.

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what are your favorites that are still on the menu? Thinking of trying to get an ADR and we’ve never been

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Sorry but I actually tried to order the churros from Nomad in Tiffins a couple weeks ago and was told no, that they come from a separate kitchen. This was a late dinner and Nomad may have been closed by then also. We were in Nomad earlier in the day and were too full for the churros so I was hopeful to have them later! Now I just have to go back!

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That surprises me, but I’ve heard stories of a lot more “no’s” than “yes’” lately. I’m sorry they couldn’t accommodate you.

My husband usually gets the surf and turf. Sometimes its lobster with a filet last time it was scallops and he said they were the best scallops he has ever had. On the menu now…I have had the butter chicken which was awesome. The little croquet that was with it was so good. Wish I could have and order of just those. The salad on the menu now is so so. Good but nothing special wish they would bring back the murrata salad they used to have. Charred octopus…very good. We get it everytime. If you like desserts I would go with the lion king. The other 2 are meh…they used to have way more desserts on the menu. I would try everything on the menu…just dont think you can go wrong :wink:

Oh booo. Okay then may have to come up with another solution. Start at nomad with drinks let her have churros first? That is super dissapointing but I get it.

this is my kid too. Which is very disappointing for her foodie parents. She also eats like a bird. Maybe we should just start feeding her desserts for dinner while at Disney. I don’t think you can get scurvy over a week right? Looking forward to trying either Nomad or Tiffins the next time we go!

Good endorsement. I love scallops. I will work harder to sway the family from Y and Y so I can try Tiffins this trip!

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My thoughts exactly. I wonder how she grows at all sometimes. She eats no meat and anything she does like seems to be white or yellow in color :rofl::rofl: its a constant struggle andb I try not to force too much on her at home but when at disney I ease up a lot and if she just wants an app and a desert for dinner then so be it. Shes happy and I get to eat in peace too which is not often. Lol

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I had one of those kids! On the occasion we would get McDonald’s I would have to order him a plain cheeseburger (which leaves off the onions, pickles, ketchup) with the meat on the side. Essentially a grilled cheese :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Give her a dole whip now and then!


My bird regularly ate at least a third - usually closer to half - of his body weight every day. :smiley: Most birds do. And he tried pretty much anything I did. Up to and including chicken, which disturbed me.


Dinosaurs. They just crazy.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: True. I think I knew that fact about birds, deep in the recesses of my brain.

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Kids have the funniest palettes. I guess I just don’t recall being so fussy as a kid. We could never do one of those character meals with the full prices because it would be essentially flushing the price of her meal down the toilet. And we are Canadian so the price for us is even higher with the crappy Canadian exchange rate.

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So true.

Much like Fight Club, my first rule of Canadian Exchange Rates is we don’t talk about Canadian Exchange Rates while on property.

WDW is the happiest place on earth (unless you’re my wallet. In which case, buckle up baby!)