Tiffins-Must Eat!

It’s bittersweet to post this, as I am sitting on the Magical Express heading to MCO (while it pours), but I need to share. For those folks who recommended Tiffins to me: THANK YOU.

Tiffins was hands down the BEST meal I have had in the world in the 20+ years I have been coming here. I mean it was legitimately delicious, not just “Disney Good” and I have a big city semi-snobby palette.

We sat outside at Nomad Lounge for 30 minutes before our ADR since it was raining and I ended up pushing it back because we wanted to hang out there more. So relaxing, great service, excellent drinks and the ambiance was perfect.

For actual dinner I ordered the Octopus appetizer and the Halibit and it was all delectable. Our waiter was top notch and very knowledgable.

Tiffins is a MUST EAT! I fear that the next time we come back it will be a coveted rez and we will never get that same experience but at least the memory was made and will never be forgotten.


Thank you! I heard the halibut was great but I am so tempted by the beef.


Cannot WAIT to do this next week!