Tiffins Menu for ROL Package

Hi! First time posting on the forum, so I apologize if I do any of this incorrectly!

I have a ROL dining package for Tusker House in June, but I keep wondering if I should switch to Tiffins. We have not been to either, and plan an early afternoon time to escape the heat. My question is: Is the TIffins menu paired down to a few choices for the ROL package, and if so, which ones? I assume that TH, being a buffet will just be the normal buffet menu choices.

Nopes, you can choose from the regular menu. And it’s appetizer, entree and dessert for the dining package. It’s a pretty good value I think.

That definitely seems like a good value! No kids this trip so I am thinking maybe we should tryTiffins and save Tusker for when they are with us.

Sounds like a good decision :slight_smile: Tiffins is worth every cent.

I want to agree! I have done both the Jungle Book and Rivers of Light dining packages. Both times I had amazing meals! It really is a good value if you would order an appetizer and dessert.