Tier FP+ system at AK?

Anyone hear of AK switching to tiered system? I know there was a lot of speculation. Wanted to know, since its 2 months out from fastpasses on opening, if anyone’s heard anything new?

The two Pandora attractions are in tier one. You may choose one or the other. Everything else is tier two, and you may choose two of those.

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What if you don’t want a Pandora attraction? Can you choose 3 from tier 2?

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Just when I thought I had my whole TP figured out. Time to change it up a bit I guess.

Also wish they showed a preview of how scary or intense Flight of Passage ride will be, since I have younger kids and my mom and MIL traveling with me. It would help decide FP selections.

I don’t think you can. I hope they change this!

Yes you can, 99% certain from other boards.

Here is a video from Nightline that shows the ride equipment (link chairs), which you mount sort of like a motorcycle.

The Flight of Passage segment is about five minutes in - it looks kind of intense.

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Trying the video link again

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I’ve been told you can - I’ll be doing FP for my parents at 30 days out so I doubt I’ll get a tier 1.