Bought tickets from UT when DS was 9 but won’t be traveling until he is 10. What is the best/easiest way to pay the difference and will I lose the savings from the UT price or just pay the difference in what the price would have been at the gate? Also, any impact on Fastpass or ADRs? Thanks!

We bought tickets when our daughter was nine, but didn’t travel until she was 10. We actually didn’t do anything to change it, and no one said anything about it. I guess it depends about how you feel about leaving his ticket as a 9 year old, personally, I think it’s kind of crazy to make the child age limit 9, anyway.

Technically they are 10. However I am a firm believer that this would be more of a pain in the rss than it is worth. If you have any issues with the $$ aspect - find out what the difference between a Kid and Adult ticket is at Undercover Tourist and buy some stranger lunch or donate it to a worthy charity. However I think you are opening up a can of “pain in the rss” in trying to fix the tickets