Tickets start date question

We are about to buy the park tickets and I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this:

If we arrive on Wednesday, but our first park day is Thursday which should we pick as a tickets start date (assuming same price)?

Does it make any difference in relation to FPP selection date? If the start date is Wednesday, but we do not use them until Thursday - would there be any problems?

No, your FP date is always 60 days from check in regardless of when your tickets start.

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FPP info is correct. Misread, thought you were saying start date is always same as check in. Sorry

If they are purchased separately, I would first make sure all dates being considered for ticket start will cover the duration of your trip. Then, if they do, I would buy based on cheaper rate.


Great! We will go with Thursday start date then.

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Since both days are the same price and cover the entire trip it seems there is no difference.
Thank you!

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