Tickets help!

Coming from South Africa 1 July - 10 July 2017. Best value for money tickets for 4 adults and 2 kids? Please help

There are many discounted sellers. Touring Plans has a ticket calculator that will help you decide what is the best price. I always use it in the app but I am sure it is also on the website.

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Here’s the link:

It may also be smart to consider an Annual Pass for at least 1 Adult to save on various things like meals at certain restaurants. You wouldn’t need an Annual Pass for all, just 1 to get those savings, as long as the pass holder is at the meal.

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^^ Agreed. Use the calculator etc.

From our perspective we do NOT get the Park Hoppers and we don’t get the add-ons. For us - not worth it but for others may be value.

From my perspective - one park a day is plenty and it also allows you to have some “out of park” time. See the other hotels, relax at the resort, etc. and it saves money that we can use elsewhere.

Although not asked - but assuming this is a "once in a lifetime (or at least not so frequent) trip - I would suggest maximizing your accommodations. Once again this is just my personal preference and I know others will have other suggestions

1 - Not a fan of value - sorry just not
2 - Moderates are fine. They offer slightly larger rooms, more amenities etc
3 - If possible I suggest the Deluxe if you can do it - even if it is the lower end deluxe (which is what we aim for). The amenities are better, the rooms and beds are bigger and there is just a sense of relaxation. Pools are better, location better and the pace of the resort is just less hurried.

You can also save money by renting DVC points for DVC at a deluxe - which I also recommend.


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Thank you!!

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Have a great trip @Anmare!!! Sounds like a great trip!!

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Hi @quicha, we miss you…

Aw amiga linda, thank you! I missed you too. An awful lot, that’s why I’m back. How are you today amiga?


Getting better, hair starting to grow.


great news amiga! I’m so happy with you! May I call you fuzzy gabmom now?


Did you manage to get tickets? If yes,Which site? I was going to get from undercover tourist but there is no South Africa on the billing address. Sent them an email but time difference.