Tickets from Guest Relations: Claim now, later, or doesn’t matter?

Hi All,

For reasons I won’t get into here (perhaps a trip report is in order for me), the good folks at Disney Guest Relations have granted me four 3-day PH tickets, with no expiration date, to use on our next trip (likely Feb 2020).

The tickets are on-file, so I can either leave them there until it’s time to start planning our next trip, or I can retrieve the actual ticket media at any Guest Services window.

It turns out that I’m headed to Orlando on business, so I would have a chance to swing by Disney Springs and retrieve the physical tickets… but should I? And does it even matter?

Our typical vacation is 5 days, so I’d need to add 2 days to each ticket anyway. But what happens if I add those 2 days to the tickets in late 2019? I’m not concerned about a slight uptick in prices… what I am worried about is getting slammed by the rumored seasonal multi-day pricing. Would I have to pay the difference in price between today’s 3-day PH and whatever a hypothetical “3-day peak season PH” ends up costing?

And does having the physical tickets in my hand make any difference? Does leaving them on-file with guest services immunize me from price increases? Or is a bird in the hand better?


Interesting situation, and congrats on the free tickets.

I would go pick up the vouchers and keep them in a safe at home. I guess in general you can trust the Disney Co., but I’d be making regular calls to guest services to confirm the tickets are still on file.

Free is free, and if there is no expiration date, there shouldn’t be an inflation added to the 3 day passes.

Although I have no faith that this will happen, I would really hope that Disney would grandfather all previously sold tickets and make them “peak” when the changeover happens. Given that most tickets sold today expire within 18-24 months… I would think this makes sense.

I would assume whatever tickets they issue you will be issued as a “today” ticket with a no-expiration option (sigh remember the no expiration option. . . . ).

I would just leave them there.
3 years ago we had a problem with Disney and they gave us 8 Non-expiring Five day PH tickets to keep us happy. (They do actually expire in 2030) They are always on our MDE. They are transferable to anyone on your friends & family list. the next year we used 4 of them (2 people, 10 days) Last year we used 3 more of them and added 3 five day passes. (3 people, 9 days)
I still have 1 five days pass and 3 passes with 1 day each left on them. Even the one day tickets are still non-expiring.
this year we are going again. The only thing I will have to do differently is go to Guest Relations and get them to prioritize the remaining tickets. Do I want to use the remaining days before or after my newly purchased tickets?
Also note that once you assign a ticket to someone then the ticket is no longer transferable. (But all other features remain)
So I feel that there isn’t a need to pick them up, you may lose or destroy them. I can go to MDE anytime and still see that they are there.

Hope this take any worry out of the decision.