Tickets from Get Away Today?

Has anyone bought tickets from Get Away Today before? I usually buy from UT, but for my dates each ticket from GAT would be $29 less compared to UT. They are recommended by Disney Tourist Blog but are not included in the touring plan ticket finder… They do say it’s Will Call, but they’ll send a number to link to MDE. I assume that means that, if I have a magic band, I can go straight to the tapstiles?

Make sure you are comparing taxed versus untaxed prices. UT generally gives prices with tax included…most other places do not.

ETA: Must be a date-specific savings. When I play around, I keep finding UT ticket prices cheaper. For example, 6 day tickets starting May 9, UT was about $11/ticket cheaper.

The prices do include taxes and shipping/handling (I went to the shopping cart until right before filling out payment info to check). I’m looking at tickets for Spring Break, starting on April 7. 7-day hopper from GAT = $569. Same ticket from UT = $597.88. I keep double-checking because it seems too good to be true… But I do think Disney Tourist Blog has reliable information.

Curious…You say UT is cheaper…How much cheaper are they from regular WDW room and txt packages?

I do not know about WDW, but they are used a lot for DLR.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I would check to make sure you are buying Disney World tickets and not Disneyland. I’m sure you would have noticed in the purchasing process but doesn’t hurt to check. :wink:

Update: I decided to buy the tickets from GAT due to the price difference. I paid $569 per 7-day hopper, UT price was $597.88, Disney price was $645.81. I bought it online on Monday night, received an email acknowledging the order almost immediately, then received an e-mail on Tuesday morning saying they were having issues processing my application. I called, they verified my info (not sure what the problem was), but still no tickets until today (Friday). I called again; apparently my order fell through the cracks, but after the call I received an email from Disney with my ticket number in about 15 min, and successfully linked it to my account. In fairness, most of their agents are on vacation until next week, so maybe things are a bit slower at the moment. All in all, it didn’t take that long and I was happy to save almost $60 on two tickets compared to UT. The downside is that the tickets are nonrefundable (I usually get the physical tickets from UT, which can be returned within a certain period as long as they haven’t been linked).

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