Tickets for Universal

I see that when you buy tickets for Universal that you specify a date. Do you have to be there on that specific date? Can you go a day later? For instance - I want to buy a 2 day pass - but I may not be going on consecutive days.

You don’t have to use them on consecutive days. I don’t remember what the exact window of use is…maybe within 7 days?

Is that true for multi-day tickets without EP? I bought mine from Undercover Tourist in November and used them in January, and never told them when we were going.

I grabbed this from the ticket page. It’s for a 4 day ticket but same concept

Ticket is valid for any four (4) calendar days during a seven (7) consecutive calendar day period which includes the first day any portion of the ticket is used. This ticket also includes seven (7) consecutive calendar days of admission to select live entertainment venues of Universal CityWalk™

Thank you all for your responses. Sorry I didn’t do this earlier - but family emergencies intervened.