Tickets for split stay

I just got off the phone with Disney in regards to planning a trip this summer. What I just heard is a little different from what I thought we need to so, so I wanted to see if anyone else has done a split stay like we are doing.

We are using the late summer bounce back offer (free dining), but we want to add some nights to our trip before our bounce back offer trip (6 days). I was just told by the cast member that I can purchase tickets for the entire stay (8 days) with the bounce back offer portion of the trip. Then I can start to use the 8 day tickets BEFORE I check into the hotel where our bounce back offer is booked (BC).

For some reason, I thought I would need to purchase tickets for both portions of the trip because the bounce back offer included free dining.

Has anyone else done this?


You can pick up your tickets before your stay. You get vary wildly different answers, and truly it’s probably up to the cast member at guest services but I’ve never seen anyone say they were refused.