Tickets Being Assigned to MDE

I purchased our tickets for our June trip from Undercover Tourist. I got the 5 day with Park Hopper. Plus one day Universal to go to Harry Potter World.
I have set up a MDE account and selected my ADRs. I made reservation for our stay at POR through the Disney website. I have customized our Magic Bands.
When should I link the tickets to the MDE/Reservation and MagicBands? I was mainly concerned that once linked to my MDE for this trip, what if something happens and we cannot go? Would the tickets still be usable for a future trip?

Noting happens to the tickets as long as you don’t use them. You can remove it or leave it there until you decide to use it. It only becomes active once you use it and then you have 14 days to use all of the days on the ticket. You will want to have it linked in order to do your 60 FPP reservations. If the tickets aren’t linked you can’t do FPP.

Thanks! That is helpful! Exactly what I was wanting to know.

I meant to say ‘nothing’ not noting. But it looks like you understood! :slight_smile:

Can I reassign tickets. We were given 3 one day park hoppers. Can i reassign my MIL ticket? And as these were given to me by Disney, any chance I can convert them to an annual pass?

if there is a REASSIGN link next to the tickets, then yes. But once they have been used, you cannot reassign them. Not sure about converting them.