Ticket upgrade to AP

I am thinking I may need to upgrade my MVT tickets this year and that leads me to hope to find some liner help.

I am wondering if anyone has successfully upgraded MVT tickets either to an AP or to increase the number of days on the tickets? If so, do you keep your savings, or do you lose any savings from purchasing them through MVT?


You lose all savings when you upgrade MVT tickets. If you want to add days I would contact my agent and do it before the trip. If you want to upgrade to an AP my agent Brandi has told me to cancel my MVT tickets and buy discounted tickets from another seller. Many CMs have a difficult time and do not know how to upgrade those tickets, even at full cost.

Thanks, that is what I figured, but it is nice to have confirmation!

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Just dropped my MVT tickets. Asked Darcy if I could do this and she said No Problem. Waiting online to see when they officially disappear from MDE. Once that happens we will buy AP’s. We are quite a ways out yet from our stay in Oct. so I am hoping I don’t screw up my 60 day FP+ selection. Always weirds me out when I first try something different after all these years just using Disney Travel. Went to MVT though and saved a lot so I guess that was easy and a good change. We will see what AP’s do and if what I expect is true according to what they advertise.