Ticket Upgrade Question

I dont know if this was already answered… I did some searches, but didnt find what I needed.

DH, DS, and I have 7-day park hopper tickets (have not been used yet) and want to upgrade to DVC-Gold APs. In the past I had success getting the tickets bridged by using them first and then upgrading. Also, our tickets were purchased before October (actually, DH and my tickets were purchased last year and not used, DS’s was purchased in September of this year).

Does anyone know what I can expect when I upgrade? Should I use the tickets first?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Personally I would use them first but I do not know if that is necessary now. Reports are that Disney is giving you the value of ticket prices on the day before the change.

@PrincipalTInker Thanks for the reply. Do you know where I can look up the value of the tickets before the change? I’d like to know the numbers before I go (if I can). :slight_smile:

The DIS has a “sticky” post with details of the value of every ticket under the sun. Try the Theme Parks sub-forum, the “stickies” are at the top.

Gosh I love this place! You guys are the BEST! Thank you!!! :hugs: