Ticket upgrade possible?

ok another “speak slowly” question! we have “4 Park Magic” tickets we did not use last year. I would like to put the cost of those tickets towards two 7 day park tickets. Simply because I think we will want more park days and two 2 day tickets are seriously expensive! No luck this time speaking with a CM. She gave me the number to “Ticket Services” . Is that right or is there another way I should phrase it? I feel like people on this forum have had good luck with this type of change but maybe I didn’t ask it correctly.

Yes, you will need to talk to a ticketing CM and they will be able to help you. Here is a number I have saved from this forum, hopefully it’s still good:
Ticket specialist 407-566-4985 option 5.

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Thank you!

I am trying to make ticket changes as well. On my last attempt, I called the ticketing phone number and waited on hold for 2 hours. When I got a CM, she told me that the call got transferred to the reservations department because the queue was so long. But she could not help me and would have to transfer me back to ticketing. Which had a 3 hour wait time. I gave up at that point. I will try again…

these are the two numbers I have:
407 566 4985
407 939 7679
so far i’ve been on hold for 30 minutes but it’s the start of our spring break and i’m doing data entry anyway!

I’m also on hold :roll_eyes:
Called at 7 to re-assign tickets of other family members from our cancelled April 2020 trip so that DH and I can use them the first week of June before they expire. But some of the tickets no longer show up in MDE. Got through to a CM around 7:25, but they said that the call had rolled to the wrong phone queue and they transferred me to a ticket specialist queue. Said it would be about a 19 minute wait. That was almost an hour ago!! But I’m enjoying the music while I’m tweaking touring plans so . . .

so funny…good luck!

Just got through and the CM after a total of 1.5 hours on hold and . . . drumroll . . . he couldn’t help me:grimacing: He said that the tickets I want to reassign are now connected with the MDE accounts of the family members who can’t use them, so I need to call them and get them to reassign them back to me and DH. Talk about adding insult to injury: sorry you guys can’t come with us, but can you get into your account and reassign the tickets we paid for and switch them back to us? Awkward!! Fortunately, it’s our kids and their spouses and they know that whenever they can go we’ll re-purchase the tickets for them.

I just got off the phone as well. 55 minute wait, got a not-ticketing CM, she took info and offered to put me in queue or get a call back with an expected 45 minute wait. I opted for the call back. They called after about 60 minutes and then I had a couple minute wait. CM was able to help me, but my issues were not too complex. She did mention that the call back option was new, but that the info taken by the initial CM does not necessarily come through. Oh well.


Oh that’s annoying! I also got bounced to the regular queue because the wait was so long but once redirected to the right people it was all taken care of!

Somehow I didn’t realize we could go to the water parks everyday with the upgraded tickets in addition to going to the parks! We might switch to Pop if that’s an option! Water parks in the day parks at night!!! Trip is so awesome!!!

Might want to check the closing time of the parks. Mostly they have been closing pretty early.

Thank you!!!