Ticket Transfer ? How to? ☺️

My oldest college aged son can not go on an upcoming trip any longer . Can he transfer his unused ticket to myself of my other son? Thank you for your help!!

As long as you are connected as a “friends and family” member it should be an easy transfer.

If he goes into his ticket in the app there should be a modify or transfer button.

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Thank you :relaxed:

Once the ticket is transferred is there a way to change the dates for ticket use? He was traveling in January we are traveling in April. Thanks again☺️

Once it is in the other person’s account there should be a “modify” button. Most likely there will be a charge (price difference). You need to do this before the date. You can call too if you miss the date.

This might be the number if that happens: 407-566-4985 option 5. Ticket specialists

Thank you you’re a lifesaver :heavy_heart_exclamation: