Ticket reassignment question

I just reassigned a regular 4-day ticket to my sons GF since I haven’t been able to modify my resort reservation to add her yet. I wanted her to have a ticket so that if park reservations come up before I am able to modify, I might be able to make a reservation for her. Now it shows the ticket as “nontransferable”. Is that right? I thought a ticket could always be transferred as long as it is not part of a package and has not been used. She doesn’t have MDE of her own and her “profile” only exists in my account.

That’s interesting. My first thought was that if you transfer a ticket to another person with their own MDE account, it becomes THEIR position to transfer, and you can’t transfer it. But it sounds like that isn’t the case. Weird.

Interesting. I signed out of my account and signed in again. Now it shows the ticket in question as being able to be reassigned. Must have been a MDE quirk.

That seems highly unlikely! :wink: