Ticket question - multi-day (non-hopper) to visit 2 parks in a single day?

We purchased a 6-day ticket, but will only be at WDW for 4 days (it made sense with the current promo because of the gift cards). We didn’t purchase the park hopper as we didn’t originally plan to move around since our stay is so short. Anyway, my question is - can we use 2 park tickets on the same day for different parks? For instance, if we did Epcot in the morning could we swing over to Magic Kingdom in the evening to do any rides we didn’t get done on our first day. I asked the agent when I just added the promo to our existing reservation and she said no. That seems so strange to me, unless the idea is to sell more of the hopper tickets.

Unfortunately, I believe the CM you spoke with is 100% right. I don’t think there are any loopholes that would allow you to do what you are thinking. :confused:

The problem is, the 6-day ticket is linked to your own individual account, so once you tap in for the day, it won’t let you use another ticket on the same day even if you tried. Of course, this setup allows them to charge you more money for the ability to hop.

The cost difference between a 4 and 6 day pass is only like $30.
The cost difference between a 4 day (1 park per day) and a 4 day hopper is over $100!


You cannot do what you are describing. The person you spoke to was correct.


Thanks. I figured she was right, but was hoping someone knew a loophole. I guess that MK touring plan will be even more important now!

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