Ticket problem...my brain hurts

Some of my family has 8dPH, some have 6dPH. I want to upgrade all of these to 9dPH. Tix are linked in MDE but were purchased from a third party. Reading Mousesavers, it looks like I should be able to do this online, but my only choice seems to be reassign. Could this be complicated by the fact our initial trip was canceled and the tix now expire Dec 15? (Also, now trying to evaluate whether the free dining offer might be worth it if I can’t add days to the current tix.) Please help. Trying to make only one phone call to Disney if possible.

You’ll need to upgrade upon arrival at Guest Services. I’ve never known of a way to do that prior to arrival except when part of a package that is modified.

I bought tickets from a third party as well. A few days ago I looked to see how much it would cost to add days or a hopper plus on MDE, so it could be done. Now the dates on my ticket haven’t changed (they’re still for April 7-16), but the option to modify is gone… I wonder if that’s a temporary freeze until they sort everything out. I’m also concerned that my tickets will disappear from MDE next week and I won’t be able to book fastpasses for our August trip…

Do you remember where the modify option was? I haven’t been able to locate either on the app or my desktop. First chat CM I got said I need to contact my third party seller to add. The next one said it could be done but I had to call. My third third party seller said Disney should be able to modify (didn’t specify online vs phone vs in person) but in any case should retain their value. Also said they could void/refund the tix within 30 days of scheduled first use date, but there may be a wrinkle because they can only do it in the office and they are all working from home TFN. Seemed to think that 30 days could be flexible given current scenario tho.

I don’t remember… I know it was from the tickets tab, where it shows each person’s ticket. Either it was right there (along with the reassign button) or it appeared after you clicked on the ticket itself. I never tried doing it on the website. I received an email from the reseller (get away today) on Friday saying that the date would automatically be changed (presumably by Disney) to any date until Dec 15, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Today I checked if I could find a place to change tickets through the website, and it seems to be working (although I did not go all the way to the end because I’m still waiting to see if the dates will be extended automatically). If you go to https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/ , there is a tab called “Tickets and Memory Maker” next to “Daily Itinerary” (you need to scroll down a bit). The tickets are listed there, and below each ticket there is a blue hyperlink called “Change Ticket”. Clicking on that allowed me to pick dates and see associated costs (if the new start date is more expensive, it shows the amount in the calendar, otherwise it shows $0). I still can’t see that option using the app…

I appreciate your checking. Appears that I was looking in the right place but based on my chat conversation with a CM, I don’t have a link because my dates were already automatically extended. We were supposed to have arrived 3/29. Haven’t called yet. Still trying to decide what we’re going to do. Thanks again.