Ticket pricing

Our travel agent told us that Disney does not discount tickets so how do the 3rd party sites you recommend sell the tickets at a lower rate? How safe is it to buy tickets from the sites you recommend? Are you certain they link to our magic bands?

I have purchased from reputable third party vendors before without a problem. I was nervous the first time with a third party but I figured if TP had them on their site caulcuator that they would be fine. Everything worked without a problem.

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Your TA is incorrect - Disney sells large blocks of tickets at a discount to many different companies. It is safe to buy tickets from the TP recommended resellers, and they will easily link to your MDE account.

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Reputable 3rd party vendors are fine. I have never purchased our tickets from Disney, but always from on of the TP vendors. Got the tickets in the mail… linked with no problems.

Yeah, that’s some weird incorrect info from a TA for sure.

If there is any truth to it: Disney doesn’t discount the 1 and 2 day tickets.

Go with one of the big, well known companies. They link to MB no issue. Can be worth it depending on your situation.

One thing that was a deterrent for us is that - at least from UT - they cannot be held for use until a later date if you cancel your trip. For us, the savings was not substantial enough to risk that. But if you’re buying last minute or if the savings is more substantial that may not be a concern for you.

Yup - your TA was incorrect. I have used Undercover Tourist for WDW and US tickets - saved me several hundred dollars. I always pay with a CC in case there is an issue (however has never been one). I also highly recommend that you take pictures of both the front and back so that if something happens (lost, damaged, etc) you can very easily get them replaced.

I ALWAYS purchase everything ala carte. We don’t do the dining plan - so this works out great for us. But by buying everything separate - I get a lot of flexibility if I want to change / cancel etc. I know that wasn’t part of the question - but thought it germane as to why to buy tickets seperately.

I wasn’t aware that UT tickets can’t be used later. Is there something special about them?

Sometimes the tickets have an expiration date, sometimes they do not. The ticket listings should indicate if they do or not.

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Thank you! :blush:

Funny, I have purchased UT plastic tickets in the past because I could save them or link them at the last minute.

The UT tickets we purchased this Spring were good until the end of 2018.

That is the same as Disney tickets, isn’t it?

Yes, the discount tickets are following the Disney policy, except for some unusual sets that appear from time to time.

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